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Stranger Danger

October 18th, 2012

I had no idea who she was. I’d put up an ad online and she responded. It had been three years for me. I simplwanted to fuck a girl.

I expected her to be unattractive. As she hadn’t sent me a pic, but simply said, “I don’t want to send out my pic for privacy.”

Okay, I could understand that. But then she said, “Also, it can’t be my place and I don’t have a car, and I only have 20 minutes.”

Wtf. Was she married with 4 kids about to come home from school or something? I decided not to think about it too hard, or my morals would kick in.

Pesky morals.

But the moment I saw her, my morals said “Fuck it, go fuck her!”

She was beautiful. Not just sexy, but actually beautiful. Her smile was genuine and while she was totally being slutty, she didn’t seem like a slut. Her tits were fantastic too, I might add.

She climbed into the car and said, “Why don’t we just do it here since I have such little time?”

I stared…I was meeting her in a church parking lot behind her house. It was about 9:30 pm…so pretty dark. But still…wtf?

But again, it had been three years, so I said, “okay.”

We climbed into the back of my car and sat awkwardly. Then I gathered my courage and leaned in and began kissing her. It was the strangest kiss I’d ever experienced. Here I knew nothing about this chick, and I was totally getting into her personal bubble.

After a few seconds of kissing, she laid back in the seat and said, “I think it’ll be easier if I’m in this position. Do you have a condom?”

I nodded my head, staring at her, slightly in disbelief that this was happening.

I pulled my jeans down and started putting the condom on while she pulled down her panties. She kept the skirt on, but hiked it up. For a moment, I wondered if I should finger her or go down on her before trying to get in.

But, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, making the decision to just go for it, for me.

She wasn’t dripping wet or anything, but with the help of the lubricated condom, I got in her. And it was everything in me not to cum right away. Because the way she moaned right as I past her tightest barrier…that would send any guy off the edge.

I gave her a few of my best thrusts. Not sure how long I lasted, but I was sad when it was over. I wasn’t sure if we’d ever see each other again. Also, who knows if anyone ever saw us. But the back of my car had her footprints on it for awhile as a reminder.

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Birthday Sex

October 16th, 2012

It was my birthday. I wasn’t sure if we were going out or not, but he’d shown up to my birthday party. That must count for something, right?

The truth is, he’d never been the “nice guy” type. Instead, he was cold, aloof, and I never knew what he was thinking.

But, he’d driven two hours just to make my birthday party. I had anticipations for the night.

Throughout the day he really surprised me. He got me a board game he knew I enjoyed playing. He paid for my dinner. He even agreed to hit up the bars with me and my friends. He was going to hang out with my friends! This was huge.

Throughout the night, I got more and more drunk. And he had to take care of me. Having agreed to be my DD, sure enough we both ended up at my place when the night was “over.”

I wavered between throwing up or having sex. I decided I’d throw up later.

We stood at the entrance of my bedroom door and he didn’t hesitate at all. Pulling me in, kissing me hard, and feeling up my tits. Happy birthday to me! I thought.

Sloppily, we made it to my bed, and he climbed on top of me, still kissing me. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a condom and laid it near us. Then he went back to kissing me and squeezing my tits. He was getting increasingly rougher with the squeezing, causing me to moan hard. I forgot all about feeling sick from drinking. That’s how much I wanted him.

After some more kissing, he asked, “Can I be inside you.”

“Fuck yeah.” I answered.

So we both stood and I dropped my skirt, while he dropped his pants.

I got back on the bed, and he got on top of me. First he kissed me neck, and then travelled down. Sweet, I thought. He’s going to go down on me!

And oh how he did. He parted my lips with his tongue and flicked my clit. I was going wild. After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said, “I absolutely need you to fuck me right now.”

“Okay,” he said, smiling wide.

He then came back up, and positioned his cock at my opening (after getting the condom on). He started pushing in, “Man, you’re really tight,” he whispered, struggling a bit to get inside.

Eventually he got in, and began thrusting slowly. I put my arms around his neck and thrust my hips up, so he could get inside further.

Again and again he thrusted. Hard and rhythmically – really understanding how I wanted it at that exact moment. I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear me, I was moaning so loud. But I didn’t care.

I came twice before he finally came. It was a great birthday present (in addition to the awesome game).

The next morning, he bought me breakfast, helping me cure my hangover.

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Fantasy School.

October 11th, 2012

After graduating college I got a job as a teacher in a near by town. At age 23 I was still as horny as I ever was. I am 5’6” short blonde hair, blue eyes, 36B cup, with great figure. While at college I had as much sex as I could possibly have. But now I sit in a room full of students 8 hours a day. Although I did like all the attention I got from the boys in the school

I am a language arts teacher so a lot of what the students do is reading and writing. I just sit at my desk and do nothing. One day I was wearing a skit and decided to fuck it and decided to masturbate while the class read a book. Behind my desk you cannot see anything above my waste so I doubted anyone would know. Five minutes of rubbing led to an orgasm where I did my best to keep a straight face and not make a sound. No one seemed to notice.

A few weeks went by and I decided to take it up to the next level. In all my pants a cut a slit near my pussy. I brought a dildo along and sat at my desk fucking myself while my class just worked on. One time while I had my dildo far up my cunt one of my students came up to me with a question.

“Can you look at my paper to make sure I started it correctly” I took my hand off my dildo and grabbed her paper. What I did not see was some of my pussy juicy leaked onto my hand. When I grabbed her paper I glob fell on it. I told her to start over and I throughout the paper.

I started getting more riskier. I would bend over in front of students exposing the slit in my pants. I could hear the boys whisper about whether they really saw what they saw. I wore shorter skirts with no underwear so it was easy enough to see.

One day during my lunch a student came in to ask me a question. He was a good looking boy and right then and there I knew I needed to fuck someone.

I took him to a part of my room that was blocked from the door. “Come over here and I can look at that” I bent over. His face flushed red. “O did you just look at my pussy”

“No… I didn’t mean too” His pants was getting a bulge in it. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants before he could even react. His cock was in and out of my mouth so fast his knees started to buckle.

By the time he was fully erected he was 5 ½ inches. Not enough to pleasure me but enough to have some fun. I bent over exposing my pussy and he shoved it right in. “O shit ms. Rock your pussy feels so good”

“O yea that it fuck me harder” It wasn’t three minutes in that I felt his load get blown inside of me “O shit im cumming ms. Rock!!” he stayed in me for a few seconds after he was done catching his breath. When he pulled out his cum ran down my leg getting onto my pants. O Great looks like I have to act as a klutz and tell my next class I spilled something on me from lunch.

In the weeks to come I had a lot of spills of cum on my pants. Cocks of all sizes were fucking me during my lunch and study hall periods.

As the semester was coming to an end, I had four students who were coming in for a study session. Three boys that I had yet to fuck and one of the cutest girls in the grade.

They walked in. I immediately locked the door. “Your all going to get A’s as long as you do what I say right now” They locked at me speechless.

I unbuttoned my shirt to expose my tits and slid off my skit. I continued to undress watching the boys getting bulges in their pants.

“ I am going to teach you first, then you will show me what you learned” I unzipped the first boys pants. Wide eyed they all watched as my head bobbed up and done. Playing with his balls with one hand, stroking his dick with my other, and licking his cock, he erupted all over my face, 4,5,6 strands of cum covering me.

Without stopping I unzipped the next boys pants. I took his between my tits ending in a pearl necklace. The third boy already had his cock out .i took his cock as deep as I could. Ended with a huge load in my mouth. Keeping the cum in my mouth I moved to the girl. I shoved my mouth into her mouth and spat the cum down her thought.

She choked at it went down “What the fuck was that for”

“don’t whine if you want an A” She was wearing a skirt, I pulled down her panties and shoved my tongue deep inside her pussy.

“O shit ms. Rock. That feels amazing” As I sucked on her clit I could see the boys starting to get boners again. “Don’t stop o please don’t stop. O shit what’s happening. O FUCK O FUCK O FUCK”

I waiting till she could breath again before telling them its my turn. I shoved all three of the boys heads between my legs and they took turns licking. They were all fighting there way in wanting more of my pussy. Finally they decided to do a rotation, one on my pussy, two on my tits.

The girl took me by surprise. Instead of just sitting there watching she took one of the guys cocks into her mouth “Like this ms. Rock?”

“O yea good girl keep that up” She moved from cock to cock making them all moan. “ O boys your doing so well. O fuck, yes yes yes, A+, A+, A+” Screaming their grades as I came gave them quite the grin.

“Time for extra credit” I pulled one of the boys closer “Fuck me”

Without hesitation he was fucking my pussy. The girl bent over and started making out with me. One of the boys saw this as an invatation and put his cock her. “O yea fuck me hard” She yelled.

Both boys filled our pussy at the same time. I grabbed her and sucked the cum out of her pussy. She returned the favor.

That left one boy with a hard cock left. “Ms. Rock, can I have?” She begged me for his cock. I wanted it but as a teacher I knew I had to let my students do more firsthand experiences. Watching him fuck her made me so proud. It ended with the girl getting a huge load on her face.

“Everyone here gets A’s for the semester.

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October 9th, 2012

So here’s the thing. I was in love with him, but I wanted him to really take control. I mean, *really* take control.

So there we were in bed, about to go to sleep. We fuck pretty regularly before bed, so I knew what was coming when he began kissing me. :)

As he began squeezing my breasts, I began fondling his cock. Our kisses were getting deeper. Since I’m so tight, it’s nearly impossible to get inside me without some lubrication, so I drew away from his kiss and traveled underneath the sheets till I found his cock.

I sucked on it a little, mainly to just get it wet. He knew my intentions as I came back up, he gently pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me.

Still kissing, I grabbed his cock and guided him in. I moaned loud, just as his head pushed my opening. He stopped for a second, giving me time to adjust. Then he thrust deep, causing me to moan louder.
We fucked slowly for a while before I looked up at him and told him, “I’d like to take it from behind.”
He smiled, clearly pleased about this, and said softly, “Okay.”

I flipped over and got on all fours. Since I was very wet by this point, he was able to glide in pretty easily. He put both hands on my ass and thrust hard and deep. I was moaning so loud at this point, I’m pretty sure his roommates could hear me. Meh, fuck em’.

I began talking dirty to him and he quietly moaned back in approval while grabbing my ass hard. Sometimes his hands would switch to my hips.

Finally, somewhere in my dirty talk, I said, “Make me your whore.” To which he said, “Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum.”

And he did. But I promise, he got better at this later. ;)

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October 6th, 2012

Jack had been laid off from his sales job early in the recession, when the auto industry went south. After a year on unemployment, when his benefits ran out, he gone out to find a job- any job- and had ended up landing the security job at the K-mart that was about a mile from his house. It wasn’t much of a job, and it only paid $12 an hour, but it got him out of the house, and seriously, he needed the money.

And after working at the store for a couple of weeks, he had noticed there was a fringe benefit of sorts, that he hadn’t thought of when he had been hired. Since his job was to watch for suspicious customers, and be on the lookout for shoplifters, he could watch (from his two way mirrored security office that overlooked the store floor) anyone he wanted.

Jack was a regular guy, at 40 just slightly out of shape, and with a wife who wasn’t quite as sexy as she was twenty years ago. And Jack found the sight of the young girls who walked the aisles of the K-mart to be hot, some a little sleazy. He especially liked to follow the girls around during the hot summer months, when they tended to dress in short– sometimes very short- cutoffs, and spaghetti strap tops, or sometimes what used to be called tube tops.

And the longer he worked, the more he found himself attracted to the girls who had the look of having been around the streets a little. Even when they looked to be only 16 or so, they wore clothes that showed their assets- and their attitude.

So it was no surprise that sultry Tuesday morning, when the tall girl, with firmly muscled legs wearing cowboy boots and a pair of skin tight, ultra short cut off jeans, attracted his attention, as she wandered into the lingerie section. From his perch in the security office, he looked down and thought he could see the outlines of a pair of puffy pinkish brown nipples under the thin yellow fabric of her top, a loose blouse, with spaghetti straps contrasting with the dark tan on her shoulders.

And as he continued to watch, the girl looked around, and then quickly stuffed what looked like at least three pairs of thong panties into her little purse. Hmmm, Jack thought, the young bitch is a shoplifter. I think I will need to detain her.

So he quickly descended the stairs, and circled around to the ladies section, and found her an aisle away from where he had seen her with the panties.

“Hello there,” he said pleasantly, as he approached her. She didn’t respond, but clearly took note of his security guard blue uniform, and stitched on shoulder patch. She gave him a look, a sort of half smile, half smirk, and then looked away, and began walking away.

Jack followed her and took hold of her arm. “Hey,” she said, “what the fuck?”

“Let go of me”

“We’ll see about that. First, let me see what you have in your purse, there, sweetheart.”

And he held her purse for her to open.

“Just my shit,” she said in a rather quiet voice, knowing she was busted.

“Open it,” he ordered, and she pulled it open, and he saw the thong panties, right on top, tags still clearly visible.

As she realized she was caught, she began to plead with him. “Awww… c’mon, you don’t really need to arrest me or anything, do you? C’mon, I’m only sixteen, so I’ll go to juvenile court. They’ll let me right out, ya’know.”

He did know this, and it annoyed him…. but just a little. He had other plans.

He had hold of her left arm, and he continued walking her toward the rear of the store, toward his security office. As he reached the door, and clicked in the code, he opened it, and told her to go ahead of him, up the steep staircase to his office.

As she stepped up the stairs, her firm little ass was directly in front of his eyes, the slightly frayed edge of the shorts, ending just above the little crease that marked the top of her leg and the swell of her firm teenage ass. As she climbed the stairs, she seemed to be deliberately, shifting her weight, to make her little ass cheeks bounce a bit. And he thought he could smell the distinct smell of teen pussy as he followed close behind, that slightly musky, yet slightly sweet smell that he remembered from his twenties.

As she reached the top, and could see the little office, she stopped suddenly, so that he practically ran into her. And just inches from him, she looked into his eyes, with big childlike eyes, and said “Please don’t arrest me– I’ll do anything. Just don’t arrest ma, and don’t call my parents. Please!!”

“Well, let’s just come in and see how we can resolve this issue,” he said, guiding her back to his desk.

“First, I’ll need to frisk you, to make sure you have no weapons, and have not taken anything else.”

“So, I need you to spread your legs apart, and lean over with your hands flat on my desk.”

She leaned over slightly, but still stood with her legs together. So he stepped behind her, and pushed he further down, and then put his right hand on the smooth skin of her left thigh, and pushed it outward. As she slightly lost her balance, he quickly moved his hand back, and pressed her right leg out, so that her legs were now spread about four feet apart. Then he slowly brought his hand up the smooth skin of her inner thigh, and pressed his palm over the rough jean fabric that covered her pussy mound, and massaged it gently. She did not resist, but seemed to grind herself into his hand, encouraging Jack to take the next step.

“What’s your name, darlin?” he asked, as his other hand came up and cupped a breast through the thin fabric of her top.

“It’s Cindy, Cindy Allen” she said quietly, as she turned and looked at him through the dirty blond hair that hung down and covered half her face. “What are you gonna do?” she asked.

“Well, Cindy, I was thinking that maybe we could resolve this with a firm spanking, and then you could go home”

“A spanking?… no fuckin way, man” she said defiantly.

“OK, then I guess I’ll need to contact the police’” he said flatly.

“Wait, wait, OK, do what you want,” she said with a little sneer.

“All right then, first thing is… let’s get that top off, and your bra. I want to see who I’m dealing with.”

So she peeled off the shirt, and the thin satin bra, revealing a firm set of 32B tits, with the nicest puffy nipples, like perfect little cones, topping the firm, grapefruit sized tits.

“Very nice,” he said. “Now the shorts. Get them off.” so she kicked off her boots, and began tugging on the tight cutoffs. She finally peeled them down, and kicked them to the side, and stood looking at him, wearing only the little thong panties, with a little smiley face right on her pussy mound, the slight crease of her pussy slit visible through the panties.

“Well, isnt that cute,” he said, stepping forward and again cupping her little mound, pressing his thumb into the top of the smiley face, about where he guessed her clit would be. She moaned a bit, her eyes rolling back, as he roughly massaged her mound. “You like that, don’t you, you little slut.”

He then pulled out his side chair, and sat down, pulling her down by her arm, over his lap. She bent over without objecting, the firm round globes of her tight little ass bounced ever so slightly as she came down over his lap. Wow, Jakc thought, what a sweet little ass, and he couldn’t help running his hand over the firm globes, and feeling her muscles tighten, under the creamy white skin, that contrasted with the tan of her legs.

He pulled his hand back and smacked down hard on her right cheek, and then quickly repeated on her left cheek. With each slap, she yelped a little cry, and her body tensed. As it di, he could feel his cock growing under her, and apparently, so could Cindy. As he spanked her tight teen ass several more times, he was sure he could feel her grinding her mound into his cock, which only made his cock harder.

“You are a little slut, aren’t you,” he asked in a whisper.

‘Yes, and I want that hard cock I can feel,” she said in a voice that seemed to be a little hoarse.

With that, he pulled her up, and pushed her back on his desk, her little smiley face covered pussy at the edge of the desk. He spread her legs, and knelt down in front of her, and pulled the thin fabric to the side of her slit, and began licking the wet line where her pussy was beginning to leak its salty, musky juice. She began moaning, and pushed her pussy into his mouth.

“Mmmmm…. that is so nice” she moaned, as he struggled to thrust his tongue into her tight little slit. Finally, he reached up and forced a large middle finger up into her pussy, and she gasped as he did so.

“Ooohh… yeah, give it to me”

And Jack was ready to do just that.

He stood up, dropped his pants, and pulled off his boxers, allowing his hard cock to spring up and out.

When it popped up, and Cindy saw it, she began to try to turn away, but Jack held her where she was. He looked down on her and said “Here it is, darlin, that big cock you wanted.”

He inserted a finger into her now wet pussy, and cupped his hand over her wet mound to cover it with her juices, that he then slathered her wetness all over his big cock, stroking it slowly as he brought it close to the pink wetness of her waiting pussy.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit, making her moan yet again. Then, without warning, he slid the tip in, and then pushed the length of his cock all the way into the tight, but wet little pussy, making Cindy yelp again.

“Yeah, that’s it baby- take that whole big cock in that little slut pussy of yours…. I was worried you might have been a virgin, but no chance of that.”

All she could say, between thrusts, was “Ohhh…. yeahh…. fuck me, fuck me…..”

“You got it, baby,” as he pounded into her, until he was ready to pop.

And as he felt the cu, welling up, he pulled out and sprayed his spunk over her tummy, and even hit her firm tits. And so he reached up and massaged the hot cum into the teen tits, and over the puffy little cones of her aureolas.

“I think you’ll have to come back, and get another spanking next week, Cindy” if you want to avoid jail.

“OK,” she smiled up at him. “See you next week,” she said, as she pulled her thong over her freshly fucked pussy, and began gathering the rest of her clothes.

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I Was Really, Really Drunk… [User Submission]

September 10th, 2012

It started out as another Saturday night out in the Vegas suburbs. My husband Ben and I went to a local sports bar and hung out with some friends. The drinks flowed and we were having a great time. Around eleven o clock Ben asked if I wanted to leave and have some “fun”. Sure I answered; we got our stuff and headed for the car. I thought we would be heading to a strip club or something, I had no idea what was about to happen.

We drove to a sleazy part of the Las Vegas Strip and pulled into a dirty, rundown book store. My husband led me inside and I looked around at all the men lurking around. We walked to the back and Ben payed a big black guy for our entry. We walked down a dark hallway past a couple of men. We entered a door, stepping into a booth. My pussy was starting to react to my surroundings. Ben put some money in the thing on the wall and a window opened. A dancer was doing her best to be sexy, I wasn’t impressed. Being in this situation I decided to make the best of things. Leaning back into my husband I felt his lips on my neck. Shivers ran through me as his breath past my ear. Again he fed money into the wall and the window opened As I watched the girl on stage finger her own pussy my husband reached under my skirt and pulled my thong aside. I reached behind me and rubbed his cock through his cargo shorts.

He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock. Without thinking I turned and kissed him. I got on my knees and felt the sticky floor. A little dizzy from drinking I didn’t dwell on what the sticky might be. More money is fed, reopening the window that provided most of the light in the booth. I began sucking Bens cock, enjoying the nasty feeling of what was happening. My husbands cock is always fat and firm and he rested his hand on my head as I slipped him in and out of my lips. More money and more time were added, I have no idea of what the girl on stage was doing. My husband took my hand and guided it to something in the booth. It was a hard cock I pulled my hand away, not sure of what was going on. I looked and a skinny white cock poked through the wall. My husband took my hand and placed it back on the strangers cock. I protested only to have Ben shove his cock back into my mouth. I was pissed, what the fuck! “I want you to suck it”, no I responded. “Come on, I want to watch”. I thought about it for a seconded. I turned to give it a try and the cock was gone. I asked my husband to go get some condoms. He smiled and tucked his cock away. Ben handed me a couple of little shot bottles of Jaeger and walk out of the booth.

I quickly slammed both shots and then fed more money into the wall, A new girl was dancing. I sat and watched her wondering what the fuck was taking my husband so long. My belly felt warm from the shots, and things seemed a little fuzzy. I heard a thump in the booth next to me. A huge black cock now protruded through the hole. My pussy tingled I leaned over and stuck my tongue out licking the purple head, salty. Again I needed more money for the window; I wanted to see what I was doing. With a mechanical buzz more cash was used to open the window. Now on my knees I opened my mouth and inhaled the black cock. My fingers found their way to my clit; I began rubbing a circle wanting to get off. The door to the booth opened and my husband stepped in, finding me sucking a total stranger. He sat down and I felt his hands on my ass. The cock in my mouth started to swell and drool ran from the corners of my lips. I could hear the guy moaning and grunting. I pulled him from my mouth and jerked him till he came. His cum flew past me into the dark booth.

I turned back and began sucking my husband who had been jerking himself watching me. Before I knew it another cock was in the hole. I tried to position myself so the guy could put it in me. The angle was tricky; I decided to sit on my husband. With Ben in my wet pussy I leaned over taking the cock from the hole in my mouth. Both of them humped me. The guy in the other booth was a sneaky fucker, without any warning his cum flooded into my mouth. I pulled away and spit it on the floor as my husband continued to hammer his cock into my cunt. I don’t know if it was all the alcohol I had drunk or the fact that I am a slut, but I wanted more. I announced to my husband that I needed more. Pausing for a seconded he pulled himself out of me and pushed me off his lap. Ben opened the door and peered down the hall. He took my hand and led me to the far end. It was dark and dirty.

Sitting on the floor Ben pulled out his cock and motioned for me to suck him. I kneeled down and took him tasting myself. As I sucked my husband I heard a booth door open. A pair of hands pulled my skirt up, exposing me. Fingers hooked my thong, pulling it down my thighs. I shifted on my knees and felt my thong pass my feet. Hubby handed the guy a condom and soon a cock pressed into my pussy, it was thick but not real long. My husband grabbed a handful of my long hair and slowly humped my mouth. The stranger humped away holding my right hip. After what seemed forever he pulled out and I could feel his cock pulse in the crack of my ass. And without ever seeing him he was gone. Ben was now moaning and cursing. His grip tightened on the back of my head as he pumped cum into my mouth. I swallowed his seed and tried to suck out a little more.

As I sat up and turned around I realized we had an audience. The big black guy who worked the gate stood with his arms crossed. Ben whispered into my ear that I owed him for letting us use his hallway. I stepped into the closest booth and was followed in by the doorman/ bouncer. The door closed and I was alone with him. He flipped a switch and a light flooded the room. “Take your clothes off” was all he said. Doing as I was told I stood naked; He shoved me to my knees and told me to undo his pants. Inside I found the biggest cock I have ever seen. Without being told I tried to fit the monster in my mouth. My attempt was pitiful and before long I was hauled to my feet. He spun me around and bent me over at the waist. With one hard thrust he buried himself into me. His cock stretched my pussy and banged into my cervics.

Oh fuck it hurt; I thought I was being split in half. Slowly the pain faded and I realized I was screaming with lust. The bouncer yanked my head back by the hair as I came on his cock. I pinched and pulled my nipples as he abused my cunt. He pulled out long enough to turn me around and push me down on the bench. His cock speared me again, my pussy making sloppy sounds as he forced air out of me. A light slap from his hand fell on the left cheek of my face. My pussy twitched with a start of a seconded orgasm, more I bagged. Harder he slapped me and I came. He pulled his cock out and drug me to the floor by my hair, cum splashed on my face and dripped into my mouth.

I collected my clothes and dressed, I found my husband waiting in the hall. Walking through the store I wondered who had been inside me. With a little luck and some Jaeger we will be back.

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First Time Anal [User Submission]

September 10th, 2012

I have always been this adventurous woman when it came to sex and almost anything else, but anal sex scared me and seemed somewhat forbidden. I knew so many people who had done it before, but for some reason I remained an anal virgin until I met the right person to trust and I knew I had to try.

My boyfriend and I were out one evening having a few drinks and he told me he had a surprise for me. We left the bar and he took me to the beach. As we walked around the beach, things started to heat up as we were touching and deeply kissing each other everywhere! He took me by the hand and walked me to this beautiful old lighthouse we had seen many times during our visits here. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to go in. I was eager to explore all of him and the lighthouse, but was afraid we would get caught. He said that was part of the thrill and he wanted to show me the thrill of trying new things.

We climbed in through an open window and walked to the top. The view was beautiful as we stood leaning against the rail. His hands reached around me from behind and started to massage my tits as he kissed and sucked on my neck. I leaned back into him and felt the pressure of his cock against my ass so I started grinding my ass against him and he began to moan. (Actually, it was more of a growl.) It was at this point that he whispered in my ear, “Do you want to experience the thrill of something new?” I knew I was ready. I wanted so much to feel his hot throbbing cock in me…all of me. I wanted to give him my ass. I told him to fuck me!

He leaned me forward over the rail. All I could see was the ocean below us as he raised the skirt of my dress and ripped off my panties. He was so hungry for this. He had waited so long. I felt his fingers go deep into my wet cunt and he was pumping me getting his fingers so creamy. He took his fingers out and started to massage my asshole. It was so hot! I tensed at first because I was scared, but then I felt his fingers slide right in. “Oh God!” I screamed. It was the most intense feeling ever. He was sliding his fingers in and out of my ass so deep. He pulled the fingers out and I felt his cock head press against me. Now, I was really scared but at the same time crazy for him. He grabbed my hips and plunged deep into me. I screamed like I never have before as he pumped me against the railing. His cock felt huge! There was no pain only pleasure as he fucked my ass. He pumped me so hard until I felt him start to tense and I told him I wanted him to fill my ass with his cum. Just hearing me say this made him rip his load deep into my asshole and I came with him. It was more intense than anything I have ever experienced.

We are still together and anal sex has become a regular part of our sex life. It is one of the most erotic things we do because we always remember the first time and the power of living for the thrill.

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I wanted him to want me.

June 19th, 2012

This guy had a strange power over me, and frankly, I was frustrated at all of it.  First, I’d never had a guy say no to me. Ever. So knowing he’d said no to me earlier and that we were now merely 30 feet from his bedroom frustrated the hell out of me. The truth is, we’d hooked up long before where we were standing. Where he promptly said no to me afterward – again, shocking me, as I’d always been the one to tell a guy “nope, not happening again/ever.” Obviously, he hadn’t given me a reason, nor had he given me a reason as to why we were standing here now. All I knew was that I needed to stop thinking about the last time we were in a bed together otherwise I was going to go utterly mad at the situation.

Scratch that, I’d already gone utterly mad at the situation. Months after saying no to me, here I’d driven two hours after his first invite to his house. The entire time while driving, I tried to debate whether another “meaningless” go in the bedroom would be worth him saying no to me afterward. As a woman with an ego (again, what guy has ever refused me in the bedroom????), the choice was hard because of our last encounter. One I was trying my utmost hardest not to think of.

But as I cruised down the highway, all I could think of was the last blowjob I gave him. And yes, I know you’re wondering “You’re fantasising over a blowjob…YOU gave? Not some fantastic course of intercourse?” Here’s the thing – a blowjob really is an art between two people. Before that art can be made, one must first find a girl who likes giving blowjobs. Check (assume the second part of the equation – boy who likes getting blowjobs is already satisfied).

From there, the art becomes tricky. Does the girl want to basically be mouth-fucked, or does she want to feel like the cock is hers to do what she wants with? Does the girl want to be on top, on bottom, on her knees? Does she want her head pushed down, her hair pulled, or does she want her hands held as she moves her head up and down the cock? Does she want to be fingered or eaten at the same time? Hell, does she want another cock fucking her as she sucks on a cock? Or does she want a guy who says sweet things to her as she goes at it? You see, it’s an art of finding that perfect mix between a girl’s desires and the guy’s, to come up with the perfect blowjob experience.

And this guy had done it for me. First, we spent a few hours where I learned how smart he was…but again, he had this strange power over me. I knew early on he didn’t see me more than a pretty face with a nice vagina. We’d fucked two times before these few crucial hours I’d spent with his friends and him. But honestly, I don’t remember it being anything remotely memorable, as we were both so very drunk. And when it was over and he’d invited me to hang out, I hesitated. I wasn’t sure why he’d invited me to hang out for the day and didn’t just make me do the walk of shame back home. Because we hadn’t really exchanged anything particularly deep (pun intended) in the bedroom, a huge part of me knew he wasn’t interested in learning anything more about me other than my ability to spread my legs.

But I decided to take the bait and hang out with him anyway. And as I suspected, throughout the day Alex* didn’t actually spend time with me, ask questions about me, or get to know me (I interacted much more with one of his friends instead). But he gave me the opportunity to silently get to know him. I saw his eyes constantly thinking. It was like, he lived in the moment but in the future at the same time, and I wanted to be there with him. Prove that I could keep up. I saw his physical strength as he worked around this ranch (a place one would normally never catch me dead in), and he drove stick. Which drives a girl wild, actually.

Him and his friends smoked up a lot, but I declined throughout the day. It was just something I’d never really been particularly into. After having been ignored throughout the day, I gave into my first real peer pressured moment in my life. Never had I ever done anything to try and impress a guy. I’d just always been me, and that was usually good enough. But okay, this guy likes to smoke, fine, I’ll give this weed thing a go if it means he’ll talk to me.

So first, my throat burned and mentally I shook my head in frustration at him. All I wanted was to get him back into the bedroom so I could actually be his. I really wanted to be his, and he wasn’t having me! It was getting very annoying, I tell you. Before I knew it, the weed kicked in, and I became determined to get what I wanted (in a very happy manner).

He was in his room, packing up to leave to whatever place two hours away. I hesitated for a moment, then closed the door. I was nervous, because I honestly didn’t know if he wanted me, but there was something there that just made me really, really want to suck his cock right then and there.

He was throwing stuff into this ugly backpack and I could tell I caught him off guard as I put my arms around his neck. I’m not the sort of girl to make the first move, so doing this was very much out of my comfort zone. But my desire to deep throat him the best I could gave in, and I finally said, “Want a quick blowjob before leaving?”

And then the entire atmosphere between us changed in those few seconds. His face softened, and he no longer looked cold. He pulled me in and began kissing me. We never really started off with slow kisses. No, our kisses always had a “no holding back” feel to them. It was a burning feel for me, because I wanted to be giving him all I could with my mouth on his cock, but the kissing was so good, it was hard to pull away.

As we stood at the edge of the bed kissing, my face knocking into his glasses, I finally couldn’t take it anymore, so I gently nudged him onto the bed, where I proceeded to straddle him and kiss him some more. But that part only lasted a few seconds before I was kissing my way down to his pants (I think his t-shirt came off somewhere in the midst of us standing and kissing). The bed was kind of tiny, so I had to curl up next to his body as I began to first hold his cock.

He was a little more than average sized (i.e. a good challenge for me). Though I’d started slow while kissing down his tummy onto the edge of his pants, once his cock was in my small hand, I had no speed control. My mouth was around the top and I took his entire length, the best I could anyway, into my throat as fast as possible. At first his hands rested on my back, but quickly he had his right hand on the back of my head.

The moment his hand pushed me so far down on to his cock (I don’t have a terrible gag reflex), I instantly felt my panties get wet (which is remarkable, usually our panties don’t get soaked). Feeling so damn turned on, I started moaning on his cock. Which, naturally, he felt the thumbs-up to make my mouth do whatever he needed to get him to cum.

We had this unspoken but perfect pace and tension between the recoil of me going up from the base of his cock and him pushing me down. He had me going so fast, and so deep, I was running out of breath. But I wanted so desperately to please him, to have him cum in my mouth, I let him push me. Despite a lack of breath, I was so turned on, I kept moaning as he pushed me down and I pulled up. For a brief second, he let go, and I took a breath.

Then pushed my mouth down as far as I could, without the added help of his hand, and extended my tongue to lick his balls. This only last for a few seconds before I could tell Alex* had basically decided he was going to cum soon. So he took control and had began pushing me down further, and faster. I was so fucking desperate for his cum, I let him be as forceful as he wished.

And finally, he breathlessly said, “I’m going to cum.” He basically said this in time, because at this point, I had no idea how to breathe. So, I held out a bit longer as I felt him throb hard in my mouth, and I finally drank his cum. I slowly felt his throbbing cease, but I sucked a little sure, to make sure I left nothing behind. Because I didn’t know when the next time he’d let me blow him would be.

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The Seduction (part one)

October 3rd, 2011

I love playing euchre. It’s true. During grad school, I attended a euchre tournament. But, I was new, and didn’t come with a partner. Relying on being a cute girl, I showed up anyway to finagle a partner and kick some ass. Luckily, I found a partner. After a few games, I was in a game that would at least get me third place. Next to me was a guy who quickly got my attention. Jon*, had sharp facial features and nice hair (but not in the “I try really hard” way; it just naturally fell nicely). After winning 3 rounds (or ‘tricks’ in euchre terms), Jon playfully acted annoyed with me. I gathered we were flirting and that because he was going to lose to my team, he must find me awfully cute. :)

When the tournament was over, we exchanged numbers. I invited him to my house for dinner later that week.

I actually put some effort into making a nice dinner. It almost felt like a date, though I had full intentions of getting laid that night. Thus, in the middle of my Tilapia baking, I ran to my room to pick out some sexy lingerie, a low-cut blouse, and a short skirt. I added some tights under the skirt . Mainly because it was snowing and rather cold and as college students, we tried to keep our bills low by not turning up the heating too high.

Jon arrived, and I started serving dinner, while he started a movie in the living room. I don’t quite remember the movie…but, it wasn’t a romantic comedy. I don’t put guys through that. Surprisingly, we actually both paid attention to the movie, till the my roommate arrived.

“Hey Molly*, this is Jon,” I said, beginning the introductions. I THOUGHT Molly would understand that I wanted to be alone, but no, she sat down next to Jon and began one of my most awkward sort of seductions ever executed (remember, I was intent on getting laid that night). Molly began to talk about the most awkward subjects ever. No really, I promise you, it was mind-blowing that these words were coming out of her mouth. I was impressed that Jon took it graciously, and was really amenable toward her. I on the other-hand, was sitting sulkily and really trying to relay to Molly to get the fuck out of the living room so I could invite Jon into my room already.

As Molly began her conversation about how she thought no guys would find her attractive because she was overweight and then went into how her dad influenced her view on guys and their perception of her…I decided I needed to seduce Jon through more subtle means. I had my laptop in front of me, with my gmail open. I looked at my contact list and saw a friend online that I could use for my plan. While Jon was nicely telling Molly that she should be more confident about herself (amen!), I began typing to my friend online. But, I angled my laptop slightly so that I knew Jon could see what I was writing. If he really had enough willpower to not even slightly look at my screen, I would have been thoroughly impressed. Luckily, he didn’t have willpower.

I typed to my online friend “Dear god, my roommate is seriously cockblocking me. I can feel the sexual tension between us rising exponentially with each minute Molly talks.”

It was obvious Jon had seen what I’d written (but didn’t want me to know he’d seen it) because he began to fidget with his right leg. After an hour had passed, I’d had it. By imaging the various ways I wanted to be with Jon, my pussy was aching to be fucked. I turned to Molly and said “how’s the studying for your anthro exam going?” By the grace of god, Molly responded with “you know, I should probably leave and start on that now.” And at last, she went downstairs.

When she left, Jon quietly said “that was really awkward…” And I said, “yeah, I don’t think she understands…stuff.” We sat for a few minutes and I said “we don’t need to finish the movie, I realize it’s getting late.” He nodded, and there was another moment of silence. We weren’t sitting facing each other, but I could tell he was wondering how to proceed. He put his arm around me and said, “it was nice hanging out with you though.” I told him I agreed and asked if he wanted to see my room before he left.

Once we got into my room, and I closed the doors, we completely threw our bodies together and began kissing.


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May 15th, 2011

I was filled with anticipation. I think that’s the best way to describe my feelings. It was my last year in undergrad and I was feeling like a kitten who hadn’t been petted in months. For the past few months, I’d been buried behind research, problem sets (homework), and building more weekend memories with all my friends. Those memories however, did not include getting laid.

It was 10:30 pm, and I was in the basement of one of the libraries on campus. Don’t get the wrong idea, this was an ivy-league school. There were students everywhere at this hour; I was hardly alone. I caught the eye of this man and immediately thought, “okay, he is so out of my league.” He looked like a guy you’d see on an Abercrombie and Fitch poster or something. For a white guy in the Northeast, he sure was tan. His hair was brown, and cut in that super annyoing preppy way. He had these bright brown eyes and a body that made you take a serious self esteem hit. On the bright side, he wasn’t terribly tall. Maybe 5’9 or so. Which, given my height, is well within acceptable range.

He’d only glanced at my briefly, and he turned his attention to the girl sitting across from him. As they talked, I continued to successfully ignore my studies and stare at him. I’m sure it was rude. I then studied her, but really I could only see the back of her. She was asian, slim (do you know a fat asian??), and definitely within his league. My thoughts turned to my recent lack of action. Frustrated, I began packing things up to head home. As I zipped up my backpack, I glanced up and I was sure this guy was subtly staring at me…but I wasn’t sure. I think the girl across from him was his girlfriend. Poor girl, I thought.

It was really cold outside, so I decided to go up the stairs to get a warm drink, before heading out. I put my order in and stood waiting (I don’t remember what I’d ordered that day…). As I was waiting, the guy walked through the doors. Was he following me? It was a small enough campus, but still. It was a little wierd. I held his gaze, and then he broke it to order two (yes, two), lattes. He stood, waiting. I stood, waiting. And it was awkward. But, I was trying to decide if it was awkward because I was making it to be…maybe this guy had no idea I’d just been having eye-sex with him downstairs.

Finally, he turned to me, and said, “got a prelim coming up?” I smiled, “do I look that obviously stressed?” He said “who here doesn’t?” From there we broke into the normal small talk. It turned out he was a first-year law student. He’d done undergrad at some place I wasn’t wholly familiar with, and his words – “I feel intimidated around you undergrads.” That baffled me. Law students…intimidated…by undergrads? That seemed utterly paradoxical. He said, “it’s like, you guys feel some sort of…entitlement for getting in here as undergrads.” By this time, we’d both gotten our drinks, and were headed back towards the stairs. We both went down a flight, and stood next to the doors where I’d be headed out. I said that was “supremely silly”. And then there was a few moments of awkward silence. “Could I have your netID?” He asked. It was how students at our college emailed eachother. I said sure, and gave it to him. He frowned a bit, and I asked if something was wrong. “Well, the first letter doesn’t match your first name…” He pointed out. I was impressed that he had taken notice. As I’d already forgotten his name. I told him I went by a nickname, assuring him I wasn’t trying to get out of not talking to him later. We said bye.

After that, we’d started talking online a bit. One night, it was pretty late, and we’d definitely gotten some heavy flirting in. He asked if he could come over. “Now?” I asked. It was almost 1 am. “Why not?” He said. Good question, I thought, and I gave him the okay to come over. Shortly afterward, I got the call from him, saying he was waiting at the dorm entracnce.

We hadn’t seen each other since that night at the library, so when I saw him again, I was again, flabbergasted at how fucking hot he was. I led him back to my room and closed the door, once he was in. We stood for a few seconds and then like a movie-moment, we just started kissing frantically. My hands were everywhere on him. I was feeling his sculpted arms, his chest, his jawline….everything. As this was a dorm room, and it was fairly tiny, my bed was lofted pretty high (I actually had to take a little running jump to get on it). Standing, I was against the bed, while experiencing this powerful kiss. His hands had been on my ass this entire time. Suddenly, in the middle of our kissing, he grabbed my ass harder, and pulled me up. I was now against my bed, held up by him, and my legs were wrapped around him, and his hands were still on my ass. See, just like a movie, told you.

Now that I was up a little higher, we were no longer kissing, and his face was now in my tits. It felt good, and because it had been some time for me, I was moaning a little louder that neccesary. I’d have to apologize to my neigher later, I thought.

At first, I couldn’t tell what he was doing. It felt like he was bouncing me in my hands. Which, in turn, made me feel unstable against my bed. The next thing I knew, we’d both fallen on my floor – his body breaking my fall. “What just happened?” I asked. He started to turn a little red. “Uh…I was trying to get you onto your bed. But you weren’t exactly helping.” Then we both started to laugh and I started to climb onto my bed. Which, really, there was just no way to sexily get onto my bed. I’m sure I looked….awkward.

He, however, had no problems jumping onto my bed. Once we were both on my bed, we began kissing again. And then. Disaster ensued.

First, my hands went down his pants and I was aghast. His penis was the smallest penis I had ever encountered. I didn’t know they came that tiny. Up until this point, I was fairly new to my intercourse activities. However, I was no stranger to oral enjoyment. So, I’d seen plenty of dicks. This was THE smallest penis I’d ever seen. “Do I…go down on this?” I thought. Maybe it’s not fully hard…no, I’m pretty sure that’s fully hard. I was trying so hard not to show my disappointment. So much for perfect runway model guy.

I had a mirror right my bed, and so Micky* was apparently thrilled by this. He stood up on my bed, and led my mouth to his cock. Where I…started going down on him. He was in total ecstacy, his hands entangled in my hair, and looked at the mirror, as I…sucked on his cock. If, that’s what you’d call what I was doing, anyway.

“God, your tits look amazing.” He said. “Thanks, I mumbled.” Yes, I could still form words while his cock was in my mouth. After that, he pulled out of my mouth, and came back down, and we started kissing again. It was easy to feel turned on around him, because of the strength I felt from him while making out. But still. That cock. What do you do with that??

He asked if it was okay to get inside me, and I said yes, with a condom. I hoped he brought his own. I was afraid the ones I had might be too big for him. Not that I know much about condom fittings.

Sure enough, he had his own, and he was ready to get inside me. On top of me, he positioned himself in the middle of me. I was surprised, it actually took a good bit of struggle to get him inside me. “Fuck, you’re tight.” He said. I shrugged, focused on wondering how something so small would feel inside me. Would I even be able to tell?

But! I could tell once he’d actually gotten inside me. I was surprised because I actually felt like a little bit of my breath had been stolen from me. Maybe size didn’t matter, because the way I was feeling right now, I could definitely get off once he started thrusting.

Well, I guess that was all wishful thinking. Suddenly he moaned. Then he looked at me apologetically. “Sorry.” I heard. No no no, are you kidding me? I thought. You JUST got inside me. I JUST felt my walls pushed apart. “You came?” I asked, meekly. He said, “yeah…I’m sorry…I’m just not used to…using a condom.” I tried to process this. “Oh.” Was all I said. What a lame excuse.

I gently pushed him off me and he said, “I could finger you some more…” I said, “no no, that’s okay. I should get back to my homework anyway…”

It was horribly awkward, as we both got dressed again.

Hot lawyer. Small and immature penis. I loved the irony, but that night, I had to rely on my own fingers before hitting the books again.

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